ERC Athletes

Here is the list of Elite Running Club members.
Runner Name
Abdallah Bitar
Abdalla Khazaal
Adel ArakjiAdelArakje
Adel Yehya
Adham Khoury
Ahmad Chmaetelly
Ahmad Khalife
Ali Assi:
Joined ERC in 2015
Ran the 10km Rac by BMA 2015
and several other races.
Preparing for his first marathon in 2016
Ali Hijazi
Ali Kedami
Anastasia Hokayem
Anna Julia Escalante
Carl Baladi
Chadi Al shami
Chukri Nakhoul
Chukri Soueidi
Dany Mrad:
Joined ERC in late 2015. Started running from zero as he states, finished one marathon, one half marathon and several 5 and 10 km races till now.
Personal Bests:
Helsinki City Marathon 2014 in 05:34:34
Jounieh Half Marathon 2014: 02:18:43
Sprint Triathlon ERC 2016: 01:38:26
10K best (Mar 2016): 54:09
5K best (Oct 2015): 24:29

Dany during Helsinki City Run

Dario Cresci
Denise Karam
Elga Trad
Elie Saade
Emanuel Izmerlian
Fadi HayekFadiHaye
Fadi Jaber
Fadi Saleh
Fayez Al Rayes
Fouad Khalife
George El Hoyek600151_10153251267040511_407212176_n
Hala Assaf
Hasan Alayan
Hasan HijaziHassan Hijazzi
Hasan Khalifeh:
Following an ACL injury, Hasan joined Elite Runnng Club in 2013 and has completed 7 marathons by 2015; Beirut Marathon (2013, 2014 and 2015), Paris Marathon (2014), Dubai Marathon (2014), Barcelona Marathon (2014), Bucharest Marathon (2015) in-addition to tens of 10K and half-marathon races.
PB marathon: 4hrs12min in Bucharest
PB: 1/2 marathon: 1 hr 53 min
"Running has changed my life in many ways, and ERC has been the real factor to ignite the fire inside me; very thankful to ERC and proud to be of the ERC family", Khalifeh says

Hasan during one of his marathons around the world

Hassan ZeytounHassanZeyton
Hicham Shatila
Hicham Wehbe
Hussam Badreddine
Hussam Zeineddine:
Joined ERC in 2009.
Five consecutive marathons till now: BLOM Beirut 2010: 3h36m
BLOM Beirut 2011: 3h25m
BLOM Beirut 2012: 3h55m
Bucharest Raifaissen 2013: 03h45m
BDL Beirut 2014: 3h41m
Coordinator for Special Needs athletes with Beirut Marathon Association in 2012
Coordinatior for the Beirut 542 Training Program with Beirut Marathon Association in 2015.
Hussein Abdelkarim
Hussein Al Akhrass
Hussein KhalifeHusseinKhalife
Imad Ladkani
Jamil Beyhoum
Joseph Francois Saade:
Joined ERc in 2012.
Participated in Beirut Marathons: 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015.
Marathon Personal Best:04h:04m in Beirut Marathon 2014.
Half Marathon Personal Best: 01h: 48m.
Personal Best in 10km: 00:47m
Occupation: Periodontist / Oral Surgery

Joseph Francois Saadeh & his daughter Angela

Katia Rached
Khodor BadranKhodor
Maher Aarawi
Marc Ward
Mark JibranMark
Marwan ArabiMarwan ArabiDate Of Birth: 1966
Achievement Records:
Personal best 2h 38min. 35 sec. (Berlin Marathon 2008)
Personal best in 10km 33min 48sec. (ain almreisse race 2007)
Personal best in 5km 16min 54 sec.(Tripoli 2006)
Overall winner in Khraibeh race civilian category(10km in 34min 05sec)
belongs always to sub 3hours marathoners
Masoud Shehayeb
Michel Ghazel
Michel Makhoul
Michel Moussalem
Mohamad Tabarah
Mohammad Marhamo20130907_IMG_2242_9439121
Moustapha Ahmad
Moustapha Hijazi
Myrna Khayat
Nadia Nehme:
Joined ERC in 2009:
Completed Seven Marathons till now.
Beirut International Marathon: 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015.
Istanbul Marathon 2015.
Preparing for Prague Marathon 2016.
Personal Best:
03h55m Istanbul Marathon 2015
Several Half Marathons and other 10 and 5km.
Nasrallah Atwi
Nicolas Marlin
Nizar Daouk
Omar El hajj
Oussama Saade
Paolo Khayat
Rabih Farsoun


Roland Saade
Sabah HjeijSabahHjeij
Samer MansourSamer Mansour
Samer Saleh
Semaan MoussaSemaan Moussa
Shawki Shahoud ChawkiChahhoud
Tracy Khayat
William Davis
Wissam Akiki
Youssef Wehbe:
From a heavey smoker to one of the fastest runners.
Joined ERC in 2012
Ran Beirut Marathons 2013, 2014,2015.
Personal Best: 3h15m
in Beirut International Marathon 2015.
Participated in several half marathons and other races winning a lot of podiums.
Preparing for Prague Marathon 2016.

Youssef Wehbe

Zeina Dacroub
Ziad BoustanyZiad
Ziad El Hajjziad1