Ali Kedami

Ali Kedami, our hero’s remarkable achievements :

  • 4 DESERTS :


The 4 Deserts is the world’s leading rough-country endurance footrace series. A unique collection of world-class events that take place over 7 days and 250 kilometres in the largest and most forbidding deserts on the planet.Competitors are challenged to go beyond the limits of their physical and mental endurance. Racing self-supported in the most inhospitable climates and formidable landscapes, they must carry all their own equipment and food and are only provided with drinking water and a place in a tent each night to rest.The series, named again by TIME magazine in 2010 as one of the world’s Top 10 endurance competitions, comprises the Atacama Crossing in Chile, the Gobi March in China, the Sahara Race in Egypt and The Last Desert in Antarctica.

Each of the 4 Deserts is completely unique. In every race competitors find themselves immersed in ancient cultures and surrounded by stunning scenery and indigenous wildlife. The 4 Deserts takes competitors on a journey through the driest, hottest, coldest and windiest places on earth, testing their limits both physically and mentally. Competitors complete the events as part of a new family — individuals and teams from distant corners of the earth from different backgrounds, religions and cultures bonded together by a common mindset and a shared experience like no other. The 4 Deserts series is a world class sporting event open to anyone who is ready for the journey of a lifetime.The 4 Deserts seeks individuals and teams who are internationally diverse, open-minded and determined. Accepts both elite and non-elite individuals and teams. The qualifications only require that you and/or your team complete several registration and medical forms which are provided upon registration. The overall finishing times range from about 25 hours to 80 hours (combined times over seven days).

THE SAHARA DESERT : Comprises the Valley of the Whales, an area that was once entirely underwater and hosts 40 million-year-old whale skeletons. This U.N. Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) World Heritage Site is a paleontological treasure.

 Ali was 20 eme / 155 Competitors / CROSSING – Egypt – October 2010


THE ATACAMA DESERT: One of the few deserts on Earth that doesn’t receive any rain. It is a plateau in South America, covering a 600-mile (1,000 km) strip of land on the Pacific coast of South America, west of the beautiful Andes  mountains.

 Ali was 34 eme / 110 Competitors / CROSSING  – CHILI – March 2011


THE GOBI DESERT : Includes the Turpan Depression, a fault-bounded trough located around and south of the city-oasis of Turpan in far western China. It includes the second lowest exposed point on the Earth’s surface after the Dead Sea.

 Ali was 33 eme / 152 Competitors / CROSSING  – China– June 2011

The Gobi March is a 250-kilometer 7-day, 6-stage foot race.

Stage 1 : 34.6 km Stage 2 : 41.1 km Stage 3 : 44.5 km Stage 4 : 37.3 km

Stage 5 : 80.8km The Long March Stage 6 : 11.3 km

The course of the Gobi March takes competitors across a wide variety of terrains including dirt tracks, sand dunes, dry river beds, hills, villages and more.THE LONG MARCH : The much-anticipated Stage 5 in all of the 4 Deserts events is known as The Long March. Generally, this stage is between 70 and 90 kilometers long, roughly double the length of the previous four stages.


THE LAST DESERT : Antarctica is the great last desert – a polar region with little precipitation, no lakes and no rivers. It is, in fact, the driest continent on Earth where visitors can witness vast landscapes of snow, ice, mountains, volcanoes and ocean.



  • Damas To Beirut 111 KM :


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