About Us

Established in 1986 under the name “The Veteruns Runners Club” by Former General Francois Genadry, the club changed its name to the “Elite Running Club” due to its unique take on the standards of the running culture in Lebanon, and the combination of runners it includes, ranging from 8 to 83 years old.  The club has been a member in the Lebanese Athletic Federation since 1986.



Who are we?

We are runners and we RUN in all conditions. Whether it is warm or cold, sunny or rainy, it is the same for us. We are a group of avid athletes from Lebanon and other countries, from all ages and from different backgrounds. We believe running has nothing to do with age, looks, abilities…running begins in your head.

No matter who you are, no matter where you are from and no matter what your beliefs are, if you are a runner then you are welcome at the Elite Running Club.

Our mission is to provide runners of all ability levels with an organisation that promotes running, and connect our members through trainings and social events. We are all united under one activity: running

Join the runners family in our daily group training, explore your talent and allow us to improve your skills. Increase your speed and try to catch up. Most importantly, have fun with us!

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