Interview with Elga Trad: A Lebanese champion

ERC  interviewed Mrs. Elga Trad: her faith in God, support of the family and running are her sources of Energy. Here is the Q&A.

What attracted you to running?

First of all, if you don’t really like to run, you can’t continue for years and years and be successful!

Running provides dynamism and happiness. It often helps the spirit to get rid of unnecessary hurdles accumulated during the course of a busy day. More importantly, it shapes a nice personality which adapts in all situations. Running is an activity for the young and old; rich and poor, it is a common ground where everybody feels equal.


You have accompanied and shaped the Beirut marathon over the past 8 years, how has this sport evolved.

I have been running the Beirut Marathon for the last 8 years. It has evolved to become an international event with standard international rules and regulations. The evolution was staggering, less than a hundred people took part the first second and third edition and the majority were men so as a woman it would have been easier to win then the woman category than nowadays. For the last 7 years a podium has a lot of meaning since we are a thousand female participants.elga5

It has been noticed that year after year the organization, setting, technical side are really outstanding and BMA is doing a great job. Even the atmosphere along the roads is terrific, people are more and more involved and are conscience of the importance of sports.


You started early as a Lebanese champion in short distances, how?

I started running since I was 13. At school, the trainer noticed my skills and I started to train with The Antonins Club .I was for many years champion in the 100 m, 400 m and 800 m category.

Also, I represented Lebanon during the Pan Arab games in Jordan and Egypt on won podium silver and bronze medals for Lebanon…

Your early marriage was a positive for your career?

Indeed I married youngJ, during the first years I enrolled at university had children and continued training; It was not simple to manage family life, university and sports. At a later stage managing all my activities, journalist career, cultural responsibilities for cultural associations and sports wouldn’t have been possible without the support of my family.


What are your goals and where do you want to be in ten years?

Today, I can say I accomplish nearly all the goals I wanted. Since I was 13 I won podiums and recognition. It is not easy to pursue during 34 years competitions in Lebanon and abroad.  For the last eight years, I am the only female athlete who ran consecutively all the Beirut Marathon editions, and who won podiums each year.

So today, I’m not looking for more I am satisfied and I am still on – because I love running.

Please answer the following in few words: 

  What is your greatest strength?

    My faith in God.

  Who is your idol in sport: International?

   Paola Radcliffe.

  Who is your idol in life?

   I have many: Among them: Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and Mother Theresa … They fought for peace and equality.

  Best race in your career?

   New York marathon. A great race!


 If you were a sport minister, what would be the first thing you can do for the Lebanese running community?

Contribute to position Lebanon under the spotlight on the International field. It doesn’t matter if we have or no enough money, but there are many ways to achieve it, it’s too long to explain it in a few words ….


 ”Running provides dynamism, happiness and shapes a nice personality”

Elga Trad