Dr. Ahmad Khalife on Training

Many have tried to describe them; they have been called heroes or thunder horses. People know they are coming from a long distance like a pack of wild horses, and they pass by with the blink of an eye.
Whether the temperatures outside are high or low, whether there is rain or sunshine or even snow, whether the earth is quaking or storms are raging they will prepare themselves with the right gear and they will be out running.
They come from different places, different neighborhoods, different age groups, different backgrounds and religions and nationalities, but no matter the differences they share one spirit and they speak one language, RUNNING. They run for Lebanon, for Humanity, for justice, for competition, for helping, they run for everything. For them running is not just a sport. It is more than that, running is a language they can speak with everyone everywhere. Who are these people? They are The Elite Running Club, the home of all runners in Lebanon and the reference for every runner from everywhere.
Our slogan is “We were friends, we became brothers!” Want to know more about us? Join us in our daily training, join the runners family, explore your talent, and we’ll improve your skills.
Actually we do not wait, because we’re running, but you can increase your speed and try to catch up with us!