Best Races in USA

Boston: old and well

With its 115 years previously wrote the Boston Marathon important parts of the marathon history  with. What began in 1897 with 15 starters, developed with approximately 25,000 members worldwide as one of the largest and most coveted race.

Every third Monday in April, the Patriots’ Day starts, the field in Hopkinton on the traditional route toward Boston. The wavy and quite demanding one-way course just does not enjoy a reputation as a fast track. But the wind is blowing in the right direction and optimal weather conditions prevail, it can pretty quickly fro, like Geoffrey Mutai     unofficial world record time of 2:03:02 hours proved in April 2011.

Participation rights are obtained either by the fact that you can demonstrate an appropriate time limit running from one seen before, or about booking a tour package including air, hotel and race number.

New York: size and Emotion

The emotional highlight of many runners: the participation in the New York City Marathon , with around 45,000 participants in the largest of its kind every first Sunday in November at the foot of the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge is the start. By five districts and over several meters, it goes into the green lung of Manhattan, Central Park

What makes New York so special, are certainly hundreds of thousands of spectators along the  route , which runs into the Avenue of the irst particularly breathtaking. To get hold of a starting number, it means to be fast. The easiest way to New York leads via a complete package of a licensed tour operators. Who loves the individuality, which requires either the required time limit in his age group, or a lot of patience, but most of all luck in the lottery race number.

Chicago: fast and desires


Due to its extremely flat and fast  course about the Chicago Marathon is enjoying great popularity. Several world records fell at this track and with its over 40,000 participants, he is next to New York and Berlin, the world’s greatest race.

Will run on the second Sunday in October. To be there, is no time limit required, but a Darfur seen before online registration. For
2011 will be offered no more starting numbers, registration for 2012 starts on 1 February and ends after the award of the last available room. 2011 it took just 31 days.

Honolulu: warm and exotic

Exotic, with an extra dose of holiday feeling – this is the Honolulu Marathon. Who Trub-to escape from the cold December weather  would like to start, here is absolutely correct.

Despite the relatively flat route that vorbeiführt including the famous Waikiki Beach, this marathon is anything but easy. The reason: the time shift of the early start in the darkness and the rising of the sun with temperatures climbing rapidly. But doggedness and Rekordhatz or are so out of place, but it’s worth it to enjoy this run with all their senses and to be feted at the finish with the traditional Hawaiian lei.

Big Sur: beautiful and legendary

Anyone who thinks that the U.S. had to offer only city marathons, the latest is taught in participating in the Big Sur International Marathon in California better. South of San Francisco waiting for one of the most beautiful scenery in North America Marathon.

Starts with the Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park are 42 kilometers to the legendary Highway No. One in a northerly direction to the target in Caramel. Although the track has to offer almost no flat miles, compensate the breathtaking views of the Pacific for the pain. The next chance offers in late April 2012 when Fruh at 6.45 clock again the go-ahead for the 4,600 runners will sound.

San Francisco: ongoing “bandits”


It may not always be a marathon. Even short race or relay events are popular in the U.S. of course. Colorful and pl