Aurelie Collette Comes Back To Life To Support The “Sweater & Wheat” program in Lebanon

Aurelie Collette Comes Back To Life To Support
The “Sweater & Wheat” program in Lebanon

On Sunday 24th of July 2011at 7am volunteers of the annual “Welfare
Wheat” program camping in the village of Arnoun in S.Lebanon
where we build networks with farmers with special needs
encouraging them grow crops, were ready to receive about 120 of the
best long distance runners in Lebanon and their guests from Europe
and America.

The 1st Pullman appeared at the center of the village. Army trucks
loaded with 50 soldiers registered in the run arrived. The organizing
committee lead them with over 30 runners of sons of local farmers to
the start point at Yuhmur. They started their 5Km. run at exactly 8am.

The secretariat was ready at the “FINISH” point registering every
runner and classifying his and her position. All arrived in good shape.

Aurelie was one of these runners who enjoyed the place , the people
and the weather. She decided to walk up the hill to the Beaufort
Castle to join the organized gathering for breakfast and distribution of
medals and trophies.

Unfortunately , after 150m from arrival point , she arrived at a distan-
ce of about 1m from a fallen, un noticed ,high tension electrical wire
(5tho V). The magnetic field pulled her to the wire: lost consciousness.

Immediately an Army officer near her had to kick her hard to move
her away from the wire. The Kayan Association ambulance and the
highly trained staff on it assisted her while they arrived to Najdi hospi-

tal in the city of Nabatiyeh (7km.away).Yes, the Najdi emergency staff
saved her. Thanks to all. Officials of the district appeared immediately
while Min.of Health authorized the hospital to fully charge the ministry

Aurelie is scheduled to run at the Beirut Marathon on the 27th of
November in support of the “Sweater & Wheat” program. She is a
lovely 24yr old lady who showed her real love for welfare in Lebanon.

Nassib Solh/ organizer of the “Sweater & Wheat” program in Lebanon
Initiator of the “Sweater & Wheat” Relief Association reg. charity 752..