Nine Rules for the marathon

How much and what should I drink during a marathon? What drinks do abdominal pain?And how quickly you digest a banana? The most important tips on nutrition During the 42.2 km.

1st What to everyday nutrients missing may never be replaced in the competition.

2nd The greater the degree of effort, the greater the weight and the hotter the outside temperature, the greater the loss of sweat.

3rd Begin to drink in the marathon after about 30 minutes to an early lack of fluids to avoid.

4th More than 600-800 ml per hour can not tolerate the stomach.

5th own drink : add about 2 grams per liter of salt (sodium chloride) or soda (baking soda).

6th While gallons of pure water can lead to thin the blood glucose or minerals in large quantities often cause fights stomach and nausea .

7th Before exploring what beverages will be served at the track – there is only water, even for carbohydrate replenishment provide (preferably maltodextrin ). Self catering tables use them to deposit their own rations.

8th bananas need two hours to be digested and arrive by the carbohydrates in the blood. Each piece of chewing time, otherwise it is too heavy in the stomach.

9th magnesium during the marathon is no longer helps with muscle tightness or cramps.