• Beirut Marathon 2013
  • Kfardebian 2013
  • Kfardebian Landscape

    Kfardebian Half marathon

  • Army Commander Cup

    Army Commander Cup

  • Khraibeh Race

    Running Naturally Race

  • Nakoura 10k

    Nakoura 10k

  • Nakoura Race

    Nakoura 10k

  • Marathon Team

    Marathon Team

  • Beirut Marathon 2015

    Marathon Team 2015

Naqoura Race Training Program

Naqoura Race Training Program

ERC is organizing the Naqoura 10 km race on Sunday 13, March 2016. Below is the training program to follow in preparation for the race.

Race Calendar 2016

Race Calendar 2016

The Elite Running Club organizes and participates in several races during the year. Here is the list of the races for year 2016.